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Publisher Contacts

Publisher Contact Information

Click on a Publisher Quick Link below for the publisher representative's name and contact information.

Some publishers require that desk copy requests be made by mail or fax on college letterhead or NACS/AAP desk copy request form.

Please contact the bookstore if the publisher you are looking for is not listed.

Bar Charts

Cengage Learning


District Sales Manager

Amanda Reese  (731) 616-3352


Anthropology, Art, Humanities, Business Communications, Career & College Success, Geography, Geology, Mass Communication, Music, Music Technology, Oceanography, Philosophy, Religion, Theatre

Jill Houp – Inside Learning Consultant  (800) 657-4541 x74541


Beauty & Wellness, Cosmetology, Barber, Esthetics, Nail & Massage

Melissa Kaeslin – Inside Learning Consultant  (800) 998-7498 x2599


Business, Humanities & Social Sciences

Amy Speckman – Interim Learning Consultant

  (904) 386-9080


Computing, Math and Science

Marcy Hess – Interim Learning Consultant  (317) 777-2827

Criminal Justice, Education & Social Work/Counseling

Charles Pangburn – Inside Learning Consultant (800) 513-1046 x7474

Fire Rescue & Emergency Medical Services

Amy Wallace – Inside Learning Consultant  (518) 348-2574


Healthcare, Trades & Engineering

Ian Hamilton – Inside Learning Consultant  (859) 657-4582


English as a Second Language

Sean Van Wagenen – Field Learning Consultant  (916) 878-6100


Real Estate

Shawna Hershey (OnCourse Learning Publishing)  (855) 733-7239


Upper Level Course Specialist

Lindsay Niklas - Inside Learning Consultant (800) 513-1046 x74076

Dover Publications

  • Craig McCroskey
    Phone: 650.533.1005
    Fax: 650.429.2025

Elsevier Health Services

EMC Paradigm

F.A. Davis Publishing

  • Doug Reynolds
    Company Phone: 800.235.7538 ext.7708

Goodheart-Willcox Publishers

Hal Leonard Music Publications

Harper Collins Publishers

John Wiley & Sons

Ashley Tomeck Yazbec

(415) 214-4520

Kendall Hunt

Frank Forcier

(408) 530-9901

Labyrinth Publications, Inc.

McGraw-Hill Publishing

Reza Kazempour - Accounting, Business, Certification, Computer Applications, Computer Concepts, Economics, Electricity/Electronics, Programming Languages

Phone: (408) 206-5524  Email:


John Fitzgibbon - Education, English, Health and Human Performance, Humanities, Social Sciences, Testing and Assessment, World Languages; Biological Science, Computer Science, EMS/Fire/First Aid, Engineering, Massage Therapy, Mathematics, Medical Office: Administrative and Clinical, P and RD/Other, Physical Science, Trade and Technology

Phone: 831-818-3165  Email:

Jones & Bartlett

Ashley Heffernan

Cell:  (978) 579-8183


Oxford University Press

Pearson Education

District Sales Manager (softside)


(503) 704-1634  Email:


District Sales Manager (hardside)


(916) 226-1791  Email:


Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages


(209) 595-9296  Email:


English Specialist




Mathematics, Statistics & Sciences


(408) 607-8453  Email:


Business, Careers, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering & Health Sciences


(352) 226-4028  Email:

English as a Second Language


(877) 244-0323  Email:

Routledge / Taylor & Francis Group

Submit online: or call: (800) 634-7064

Penguin & Random House Publishing

Dan Perlman

Simon & Schuster

Macmillan Learning

Sarah Jackson

Sales Representative

(412) 297-2518

W.W. Norton & Co