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Adaptive Digital Technology


The Process is Simple


Students are sent an email on the first day of class with access instructions for their course so the course material is accessible on day one. 



Students have until the add/drop date to opt in to the program. 


How it works for FACULTY:


  • Express interest in the program.
  • Bookstore will work with faculty member and publisher to verify use of availability as an adaptive learning solution for the text selected.
  • Negotiates a lower price than print for students.
  • Distributes digital content to students on or before first day of class.


How it works for STUDENTS:


  • Access to content distributed via email or in Canvas.
  • Student pays for access by opting-in before a certain cutoff period.
  • In most cases, a print upgrade option will be available for students at a discount after add/drop in the Bookstore.


Benefits of using DDA:

  • Reduce price of course material for all students. 
  • Day one access to course content.
  • Most current information provided to students. 
  • Adaptive and interactive content beyond eBook included. 
  • Academic freedom for faculty members to select content. 
  • Content available to students beyond the classroom.


Spring 2018 participating courses:

BUS 10 Garbe

BUS 10 Bennett

BUS 90 Karia

CHEM 12 Miller

CHEM 12 Gray

CIS 22A various ***click for instructions.

ECON 1 Malek

ECON 1 Seshadri

ECON 1 Singh

ECON 2 Malek

ECON 2 Singh

ECON 2 Thomas

HUMA 10 various

PSYC 1 Ramskov

PSYC 4 Hurkmans

PSYC 8 Avera

PSYC 14 Avera

PSYC/SOC 15 Healy



What is Direct Digital Access (DDA)?

The Direct Digital Access program is a new textbook model in collaboration with top publishers that convert books into digital content, usually with a Learning Management System that can be integrated into Canvas for adaptive learning. All students in class buy into the content by the add/drop date to keep course material access throughout the quarter.


How much DDA cost?

Prices are negotiated and vary depending upon the course materials chosen by the instructor, but are lower than competitive market rates.


How will I get my access code?

If your instructor is using DDA you are already enrolled. You will be notified via email or Canvas prior to the start of class with access instructions, the discounted pricing and information on opting in at the Bookstore. 


How do I pay for my access?

The access is free through the add/drop period. After that all enrolled students who have not opted-in the program or dropped the course will have their access removed. Students must come to the Bookstore or online website and pay for access before the two week free access expires. No waiting in line with a heavy expensive book!


What does it mean to "opt-in"?

If you wish to participate in DDA, you have until the add/drop day (usually the first 10 business days of class) to opt-in to the program. If you chose not to opt-in, your access will be removed and you have no obligation to purchase anything though the Bookstore.


I did not opt-in by the add/drop date, my access was removed and I need access. Can I still opt back in?

Yes, if it is after the add/drop deadline simply email the DDA team. 

Questions? Inquire at, or Miguel Pacheco, Bookstore Coordinator at